dimanche 10 octobre 2010

Thank you Sandy!

Sandy's first card

Merci à Sandy qui m'a envoyé ces deux jolies cartes.  Elles viennent d'Australie et j'ai bien cru que je ne les recevrais jamais, mais tout vient à point à qui sait attendre! La première, je l'ai gagnée sur son blog (elle avait fait plusieurs versions de cette carte en changeant le bouton du milieu et demandait laquelle on préférait: elle m'a envoyé ma version préférée). La deuxième, Sandy l'a ajoutée à son envoi quand elle a su que je me mariais! J'aime beaucoup cette rose embossée, blanc sur blanc.

Sandy's second card

This post is a thank you to Sandy who sent me both these cards. They came all the way from Australia to France and I really thought I would never get them, but here, I got them!! The first card I won on Sandy's blog by telling her which card I prefered from different versions with a change in the middle button. If you go and see her different versions, you'll see that the ruffled ribbon had a totally different look before going through the postal system. The ribbon sticks to the card thanks to double sided adhesive tape and it doesn't behave: each time I push on it to stick it to the card again, it only lasts a few minutes and then the ribbon goes wild again....
As I was going to get married a few days after I won the card, I asked Sandy to put wedding wishes inside the card so that I could add it to my wedding cards collection: instead, she sent me a second card along with the first one! I love that embossed rose, don't you?

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