vendredi 27 août 2010

Urne de mariage

Je me marie demain!!! Les derniers préparatifs sont en cours... Je voulais juste vous montrer l'urne en carton que j'ai faite pour recevoir les participations des invités à notre voyage de noces... La structure est en carton, recouverte de kraft, teinté à la teinte à bois "merisier" et vitrifiée. Le papier "merci" est scotché au double-face par-dessus la vitrification.

My wedding is tomorrow! For now I still have some little things to prepare, but I just wanted to show you my cardboard box for the guests to leave their contribution to our honeymoon... "Merci" means thank you in French. The structure of the box is made of cardboard, then I covered it in brown wrapping paper, then I used wood dye to color it, then I varnished it and only after the varnish was dry I added the image with double sided tape.

5 commentaires:

  1. What a great idea.. the guests will love it.
    where are you going for your Honeymoon?
    Lisa ;)

  2. @Lisa Jane: not decided yet. We will not go away just after the wedding. So we'll have time for planification after the wedding...

  3. Great idea, wishing you a fantastic day tomorrow and lots of love, luck and happiness for your future together

    Sue xx

  4. Such a great idea, we asked for help towards a honeymoon and also gift cards/vouchers this is money bought for a particular shop so we can buy gifts from that shop.
    I love the box, it's an excellent idea! x

  5. Wow, this is so cute!! What a great idea!! I love brown kraft paper and this is just FABULOUS!